Monday, May 31, 2010

waiting for....


i'm sitting in an internet cafe right now and we leave in an hour to go to the airport to depart to vienna. you could say after i buy my last chocolate bar, i'm done with london. i waited, it came, it passed.

Here are some of the highlights of this magnificent city:
1. St. Pauls- this is my favorite site so far. it was maybe the prettiest place (beside mountains sorry i love them) i have ever seen.

2. Hyde Park- biggest park i have ever been to. had the statue of peter pan. nuf said

3. Herrods- we went to Herrods today. i can officially say i bought something at herrods, lets keep it in the blog that it was just water and i paid 90 pence for two. and yes i went into tiffany's and started and talked to the girl across the counter and we talked about our love for diamonds. it was a bonding moment.

4. the tube- i became known as the tube-miester these past couple of days. i love the tube. i don't know why, nobody is really nice on it. people just sit down and look away from you are stare at you because they know you are from the states. (o yea, i call america the states now, i'm that european now) i'm good at the tube.

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