Monday, May 17, 2010

staying up late

and writing a paper always makes me hungry. I really could use a good pb and j right now. too bad trevor's house is anti-nuts. dang wilkerson boys, they ruin everything.

Right now, as i'm supposed to be writing my rough draft for comm 3 due in 11 hours, all i can do is let my mind wander.

couple of things i'm thinking about:
1. how soon i leave for europe- which is kind of freaking me out, i have a lot to do.
2. what i need to get done with all my homework before europe
3. i need to start packing now, because i wont have time when i get back from colorado
4. i can't believe i'm going to colorado on friday to watch my brother walk across the stage and get his diploma.

i know most of those deal with europe, but who cares.

now, could someone please get me a pb and j?

1 comment:

  1. If it was not at midnight when I had been asleep for oh about two hours I would have happily brought you a PB&J. And don't worry Kayla, no matter what you forget to pack, Europe will still be amazing so just get excited!